School vessel Juan Sebastián de Elcano

Retrofit of power plant from DC to AC, manufacturing and supplying Main Switchboard, and new control consoles in Engine Room.

MV Cecilia Payne

Access ramp control and electric power supply design and installation on ferries for Balearia and Transmediterranea.

MV Hermanos Pinzón

Renewal of E.R. alarms system, also new control for pumps stand-by, and Main Propulsion engine and auxiliary engines safety systems.

MV Almadraba

Renewal of E.R. alarms system.

Melilla’s Endesa Power Plant

Visatron OMD retrofit on 3 Main Engines.

Drivmatic riveter machine reconditioning and commissioning

Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical repairings to return this Drivmatic riveter to be in working order for our customer of aerospace sector. Control panel was remade, including new contrl PLC and wiring. It also included some mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic adjustements and repairings.

MY Queen of Karia

Yacht electric installation was adapted to comply with standards.

HSC Jaume II

Retrofit of new main engines, being in charge of complete electric installation and manufacturing and supplying new control switchboards for engine room ventilation and dampers. New power supply circuits for passenger’s accommodation zones.