Naval electrical repairs

When electrical repairs naval question, Instrumentation Electricidad, SA (IESA) is your best option because we have the technical and human resources necessary to carry out our work in a timely manner.

Looking for a company with extensive professional career in naval electrical repairs?

Trust us. For over 23 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing comprehensive services in electrical and instrumentation in the naval, industrial and tertiary sectors.

We provide a varied catalog, in which we have included:

  • Ship repairs.
  • Maintenances.
  • Alternators tours.
  • Electric heat tracing.
  • Optical fiber.
  • Fire protection system.
  • Pneumatic doors.
  • Tubing processing.
  • Tank levels.
  • Fretwork.




MMPP, maintenance and control.

Consoles and control panels.

Cleaning ventilation ducts.

Our activities are divided into 3 main lines of action are:


1. Calibrations

Among the variables we can calibrate our laboratory and externalizing (in-situ calibration fixed equipment) are the following:

  • Pressure (0-690 bar)
    • Pressure gauges.
    • Vacuum gauges.
    • Safety valves.

  •  Temperature (0 - 1200)
    • Thermometers.
    • Stoves temperature.
  • Variable power
    • Amperage (0 - 550A).
    • Voltage (0 - 1000v).
    • Electric resistance.
    • Electrical isolation.
    • Electric capacity (F).
    • Frequency.

  • Thickness gauges.
  • Torque (dynamometers).
  • Luminous intensity.
  • Flow.
  • Speed ​​(tachometers).

The calibrations are performed with the corresponding certificate issuance.

2. Technical service ODM VAF Instruments Spain

We are authorized service in Spain of the following firms:

VAF Instruments Spain for repair, supply and commissioning of all its products (flow meters, viscometers and oleometros).
Schaller Automation for repair, calibration and reporting status of equipment such as VISATRON, fog detectors, etc.
Terasaki Electric Europe Ltd., installation and maintenance of ACBs and MCCBs.
JOWA AB. Maintenance, spare parts and equipment calibration water treatment.

3. Official Suppliers

In Instrumentation Electricidad, SA (IESA) we are official suppliers in Spain of the following leading companies in their respective sectors:

FireSeal AB. Fast and economical solutions for sealing of through cables and pipes through bulkheads and decks. Its products are approved major naval certification companies.

Elettronica Santerno. Frequency inverters and soft starters for three - phase asynchronous motors to achieve greater efficiency and energy savings.


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